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We will strive to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

Dental tourism
Dental tourism BoDent
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Dental tourism is a type of medical tourism and it involves going outside the country of residence to obtain dental services.

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Our service
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All our treatments and services are provided in a comfortable practice, equipped to the highest world standards.

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Teeth whitening
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Your smile is usually the first thing others notice on you, which is why it makes sense that everyone wants their teeth to be perfect, healthy and radiant.

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As specialists in periodontology, we are highly specialized in the preservation of your teeth and supporting tissues.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the most appropriate way to compensate the lost teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry

By applying minimally invasive methods, we strive to make your smile healthy and radiant while maintaining healthy dental tissue.


Are the perfect way to solve problems in the aesthetic zone, correct the color, shape and position of your teeth.

Welcome to
BoDent MD

A tradition since 1982

Our professional motto is HEALTH ABOVE EVERYTHING. Establishing and then maintaining the established health of the supporting tissues (periodontium) and teeth, and then restoring the lost teeth with complete rehabilitation of the masticatory function as well as the overall function of the stomatognathic system.

In this context, complex therapy also implies high aesthetic effects. Thanks to constant improvement, maximum commitment to every patient and following all the world trends, we apply the most modern, reliable and safe approach in the field of modern dentistry. Rest assured that our methods will improve the quality of your life.

Our Services - BoDent MD

All our treatments and services are provided in a comfortable office, equipped to highest world standards.



Fixed dental prosthetics

Oral surgery

Mobile prosthetics

Mobile prosthetics

Jaw orthopedics

Pediatric and preventive dentistry

Cad/Cam technology

BoDent dental office is equipped with modern Cad/Cam technology wich allows us to make ceramic restorations of highest quality in just one day.
Cad / Cam tehnologija

Cad / Cam is a technology that uses digital processes to make dental restorations from finished ceramic blocks. Inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges can be made, and they will look completely natural and aesthetically indistinguishable from other teeth. 7 This system is extremely accurate because it uses advanced computer technology that leaves no room for error.

Cad / Cam is a modern and revolutionary technique for solving aesthetic and dental problems. The restoration process takes a very short time, and there is no difference from natural teeth. The main advantages are comfort, but also ideal precision. Dental impression is facilitated digitally, and the technology has an extremely high aesthetic and qualitative standard.

WHY BoDent ?

Dental Office BoDent is a first-class dental practice in Belgrade. We bring together a team of dentists who are not only excellent dentists, but above all extremely enjoy their work. In our office we provide Swiss quality ceramic works in Belgrade. The experience of our dentists is combined with revolutionary and advanced technology from Switzerland, and the results we get are impeccable. In addition to high quality and long lasting solutions, we also offer many other services such as transportation and accommodation for patients coming from abroad.

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Our mission

Bodent team provides complete care with the highest standard of treatment, especially tailored to each individual client. We will do our best to understand your needs and exceed your expectations. Is to provide our patients the best solutions and achievements in the field of periodontology, implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry. The satisfaction of all clients has always been and will be our first priority. Our task is to provide all our clients with a healthy and beautiful smile with painless interventions and safe oral treatment.

Our approach

Our professional motto is "health above everything ... establishing and then maintaining the established health of the supporting tissues and teeth and then compensating the lost teeth." It is a complex therapy within which achieving high aesthetic results of therapy, even in the most severe cases, is implied. Every client is equally important to us, therefore we provide every patient with the highest quality dental treatment at the level of the most modern achievements in dentistry. You can always rely on us, because the Bodent dental office is a reliable and safe friend of your teeth.

Let your smile be our concern!!

BoDent MD is a team of… real enthusiasts, enthusiasts of the profession, consistent in adherence to modern and world-class doctrines in dentistry that are based on biological principles.

We are available 00-24 for emergency dental interventions!

Call us now, because we are always here for you!

Dental Tourism - BoDent Dental Practice

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of all the benefits of dental tourism in Serbia

Dental tourism is an increasingly developed and popular branch of medical tourism. It involves the departure of a patient from outside the country of residence to obtain dental services and resolve dental problems. The BoDent Dental Clinic has hosted many patients from overseas for many years. They have been provided with exceptional dental care following all the world’s standards and providing the best and highest quality conditions. We provide dental services in the field of oral implantology, periodontology, prosthetics, preventive, pediatric and aesthetic dentistry.

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